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Tanja_kuva.jpgNeedless to say, a healthy employee does their work well.


Wellbeing at work has been discussed everywhere I have worked during my life. Employers can invest in the wellbeing at work of their personnel in many different ways, and this is clearly visible here at OK Perintä. I like to exercise in my leisure time and I greatly value companies that focus on the wellbeing at work of their employees. I still remember sitting in my job interview and learning, towards the end of the interview, about the various benefits that OK Perintä offered its employees. I was amazed at how many were related to exercise and well-being at work. Needless to say, a healthy employee does their work well.


This company really understands that people are complex entities and we spend long periods of our days away from home, so there is an extraordinary investment in office premises, work equipment and team spirit. We have a wide range of ergonomic accessories, and an occupational physiotherapist visits every person’s workstation to ensure that every adjustment and setting is suitable for comfortable working. If you are the kind of person, like me, who enjoys exercise, you can pull a treadmill under your feet and walk a few miles during the day while working! There are also adjustable electric desks for everyone, so you can also sit in the traditional way whenever you wish. When you usually work in an open plan office, it is sometimes nice now and then to telework from home in silence with woolly socks on your feet.


We occasionally all participate in various competitions together and our management team has also challenged the entire staff to an obstacle race, all in a friendly spirit, of course. Every year, we have a lot of events involving the whole company. Such occasions are wonderful for raising team spirit and getting to know your co-workers even better.


Much is said in the media that sitting is not good for you, so we at OK Perintä want to make sure that employees can move as much as possible during their working day. During the day, you can work out via a web application at your own workstation in the office or while teleworking, at a time that suits you best. Performance appraisals and various meetings are also held while walking outside, and even a coffee break can be taken on the move. Exercise is said to be the best medicine of all, and I fully sign up to this. To my mind, the best thing , however, is to accompany a friend to the workplace gym at the end of the day for a good workout. And if your muscles are feeling a bit stiff, it’s possible at OK Perintä to visit a sports masseur during work hours, which I think is simply awesome! 


- Tanja, Team Leader

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